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The Unexpected Meeting
Dream dodged through the trees, his white tail swishing behind him. I have to stay ahead of those things!
Several hairless creatures wearing green chased after him, their metal weapons glinting in the setting sunlight.
Dream's legs ached, but he didn’t slow down. Come on. Where are you? He scanned the foliage ahead of him for any signs of the shade.
It slipped between shadows several paces ahead of him.
There you are! Dream felt the urge to initiate his own shade abilities, but kept them in check. He wanted to spend as little time in that form as possible. But with those things behind me… He shook his head. There is no way I can create an illusion.
The shouts behind him seemed to dwindle, as the slippery shade was almost in range. It flickered in and out of the shadows down an old worn path heading straight for a cave.
You’re not getting away that easy! He pumped his weary legs, urging himself to catch up.
It slid into the cav
:iconleviastar237:LeviaStar237 1 4
Mufasa Meets Nala
Mufasa strode onto the savanna one summer morning. The rainy season had passed, but the grass was still wet with dew. He breathed in the morning air, taking in the scents of the earth, the plants and his animal subjects nearby. He strode with an air of magnificence unmatched by any other creature in his domain. All feared and loved him.
He stopped by the water hole and bent down for a drink. Hearing a sound to his right, his ear twitched toward it. Rising up, he licked any remaining water drops from his lips and turned toward the disturbance. The grass rustled and he saw a small face watching him. He smiled as the face disappeared in the grass. “What are you doing out here, Nala?” he asked.
The baby lioness crept from the grasses, ears and tail drooped back. “I wanted to see what you were doing,” she said, looking up with her nervous big blue eyes.
“A young one eager to seek out the king’s business,” Mufasa chuckled. “An honorable trait.&
:iconleviastar237:LeviaStar237 1 2
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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hello! Here's a bit about me. :}

:bulletwhite: I am a Christian and I am continuing to learn from, grow in and love my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

:bulletpink: I have loved animals ever since I was a kid, despite my allergies to them. :noes:

:bulletred: I have been a doodler for a majority of my life, and have tried to grow my skills in that area. :pencil:

:bulletorange: I have loved movies and stories for as long as I can remember...
Actually, I remember most of them thanks to the photographic memory God's given me... which makes me cautious of what I look at/read -- because I WILL remember it. :wow:
Anyway, what I really wanted to say was that because of my love for story I am in the middle of writing my first novel. :} To God be the glory!

:bulletyellow: If you can't tell, I like to keep things orderly [despite my room's present disorder :facepalm:].

:bulletgreen: Bright and vibrant colors make me HAPPY! *Happy song starts playing*
Ahem! As I was saying, if you were to ask me my favorite color, I'd have to say RAINBOW! My family is still trying to convince me it's not a color. =P

:bulletblue: I like to mix things up! :dance: What I mean is, I enjoy creating "mixed breeds" --> mixing different kinds of animals to make new ones! God has given me several interesting designs! :meow:
Plus... I love crossovers. :happybounce: A mixture of multiple worlds. :D

:bulletpurple: I love dragons -- both the fictional kind and the real kind ~ DINOSAURS! =D

:bulletblack: I believe the Bible is true down to every detail ~ Including the part that God created the universe without the help of evolution in 6 days only 6,000 years ago. :bookdiva:

Please Comment! I L:heart:ve your feedback! :D
But please don't swear. :( I don't appreciate that and am less likely to reply. And I do want to talk with you guys. :aww:

Thank you for visiting my page! :lol:
May God bless you and keep you as you journey with Him this day. :)

Life verse: "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." ~ Jeremiah 29:11 <3
Have you ever noticed how there are several characters in the Bible with 2 names? Here are just a couple of examples:

:bulletblue: Gen. 17:5 ~ Abram to Abraham

:bulletblue: Gen. 17:15 ~ Sarai to Sarah

:bulletblue: Gen. 32:28 ~ Jacob to Israel

:bulletblue: Est. 2:7 ~ Hadassah to Esther

:bulletblue: Dan. 1:6-7 ~

    > Daniel to Belteshazzar

    > Hananiah to Shadrach

    > Mishael to Meshach

    > Azariah to Abed-nego

    There’s also Simon Peter and Saul turned Paul. But does God still do this today? I know He'll do it in the future, because in Revelation 2:17 He says, "… To him who overcomes, … I will give him a white stone, and a new name written on the stone which no one knows but he who receives it." (emphasis mine)

    To me, this is pretty cool (tho' it'll take a lot of self-control NOT to share my new name with others X}). But does God do this now? And why would He?

    In the book Without Rival, author Lisa Bevere touches on the significance of names and their meanings. I won't be able to quote the whole thing 'cause it's lengthy, but here are some key snippets. :}

    "According to Hebrew tradition, names contain the potential and destiny of the individual. Therefore, a name change has the power to change your nature, which in turn makes room for your destiny. … God often changed the given name of someone when that name no longer expressed their nature. … Our God is in the name-change business. … When God entered into a covenant with Abram he increased Abram's capacity by changing his name. … This new name declared who Abraham would be. … Never forget, identity is intimately attached to your destiny." [pg. 63-64]


    So, God isn't just changing people's names so that they sound better, but He's changing them so that they mean better. J


    For example, my name is Alexis, but I go by Lexi. Either way, my name 'Alexis' means "helper, defender". Originally, I thought my name meant, "defender of mankind," but that's the name 'Alexander'. The Greek root-word for "man" ["aner"] isn't in my name, unless it was shortened from Alexander.

    Anyway, I always thought it was cool that my name meant, "defender of mankind." It made me feel like a warrior and I wanted to live up to that name.

    Well, in middle school, friends were choosing nicknames they wanted to go by, so I tried to think of a cool one. Unfortunately, I couldn't think of one, so I took one from a movie: The Lion King II. The villainess of that movie was named Zira [pronounced Zeer-ah]. I liked the sound of it, so I took it as a nickname, only changing the pronunciation to Zī-răh.

    After a couple of years of calling myself that (no one else ever used it), I was intrigued by the fact that "Simba" literally meant "lion". So, out of curiosity, I looked up several Lion King character names. Finally, I looked up "Zira". It means "hate".

    I was shocked. It lined up perfectly with the evil lioness’ character, but for me – I was horrified. I immediately dropped all uses of "Zira".

    In search of a new "nickname", I searched purposefully through baby name websites, until I landed on one that seemed to fit: "Leviah" ~ it means "lioness of God" in Hebrew. :} It had a good meaning, taking the “h” off it was fairly similar to my name :D and reminded me of God’s purpose in my life. :)

    Jesus is the Lion of Judah and I want to be a powerful “lioness” hunting by His side. Not to rant and destroy those who disagree with me, but to encourage and draw others to my Lord and Savior so that they too can experience a once-in-a-lifetime-relationship with Him. ^_^

    But does God still change names today? I think it depends, in all honesty. He can change your name or simply highlight a new angle on your name’s existing meaning, but the most important thing to keep in mind is this: When you become a Christian and enter a relationship with Jesus, your name does change.

    Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come.” (2 Cor. 5:17 ~ emphasis mine)

    You did not choose Me but I chose you, and appointed you that you would go and bear fruit, and that your fruit would remain, so that whatever you ask of the Father in My name He may give to you.” (John 15:16 ~ emphasis mine)

    What I’m trying to say is, when we enter into a relationship with Christ (by believing that His death payed the just penalty for our sins ~ He paid our fine), He can give us His righteousness (His perfection) so that when we stand before God, He doesn’t see our sins – He sees Jesus’ sacrificial blood covering us and His robe of righteous salvation wrapped around our shoulders.

    So, whether God physically changes your name or not, when we enter into a relationship with Christ, He gives us His name: “the name that is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.” (Phil. 2:9-11)

    So, He can change your name if He sees fit, but as a Christian you are already covered in the Righteous Name of Jesus Christ.

    God didn’t change my name to “Levia”. He showed it to me, giving me a greater sense of purpose, and I chose it so that I could remind myself to serve Him better as one who is willing to help and defend. :} How about you?

What does your name mean?


Hey, everyone! :lol:
It's been so nice to see your beautiful artwork since I've been gone. Unfortunately, I'm not back yet, but I look forward to interacting with y'all in the realm of art and story again. :aww:
Christmas star Christmas star Christmas star 
I just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :D
I'm not going to be on here for long, but, brothers and sisters in the LORD, prayer is needed:
Just a week ago on Saturday my family was shocked to learn that my 23 year-old cousin died in a hiking accident. We're still shaken by it all and now my family has been hit again. It's not our extended family, but a family in our small group has just had their world thrown upside down. Their 18 year-old son died this morning. It's unknown if it was an accident or suicide, but this is the 3rd death in our area in two weeks! [Another 15 year-old young man died by electrocution in the river recently...]
The enemy is on the attack, it seems, on the next generation's spiritual leaders. Please pray for peace for these grieving families and for God's sovereign hand to be shown through all of this. :( Thank you.
Hey, guys!
As much as I L:heart:VE chatting with you guys [it's really fun and I look forward to it :D], I'm afraid I'm going to have to "disappear" for another stint of time. :(
Besides the fact that I have a couple trips coming up, I've sadly learned that when I log on here and look at all the amazing arts other people have posted... I start to compare my work to others and don't feel very motivated to produce my own (plus my head gets stuck in other's story-worlds and it takes me a while to get my head back in the game of my own story world).
So, I hope you understand, but I'll be taking another leave of absence to HOPEfully develop my work more and be able to share it with you all sooner than later.
Thanks for understanding. :aww: :heart:
May 30 ~
Dad: Let me pray before we begin this lunchtime melee.
Sister: Bzzzhht! [pulls out invisible lightsaber] Oh, not yet? Zzzhhoop. [tucks it back into belt]
Dad: [pulls out invisible lightsaber] I'll be Count Dukey.
Mom: [groans]
Sister: [pulls out lightsaber] Then I'll be Yodadah.
Me: [slowly catches on to "your daughter" joke] Hahaha...
Dad: [laughs]
Sister: Because Yoda defeats Count Duku.
Me: Nice.
Sister: I am short but mighty.

Just a humorous archive from my fun-loving family. :D
Slowly chugging along in life . . . although life just never seems to slow down. XD
I'll be working in 'Games' at a local VBS this week, so I don't know how active I'll be after running out the energy of many little munchkins. :faint: But I'm sure it'll be fun! :hooray:
I want to share some artwork with you guys, but none of it is fully completed. :sighs: 
So, I'll just keep chugging along and HOPE to share some stuff with you in due time. :eager:
To God be the glory! :D


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Thanks! And God bless. ^^
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