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The Unexpected Meeting
Dream dodged through the trees, his white tail swishing behind him. I have to stay ahead of those things!
Several hairless creatures wearing green chased after him, their metal weapons glinting in the setting sunlight.
Dream's legs ached, but he didn’t slow down. Come on. Where are you? He scanned the foliage ahead of him for any signs of the shade.
It slipped between shadows several paces ahead of him.
There you are! Dream felt the urge to initiate his own shade abilities, but kept them in check. He wanted to spend as little time in that form as possible. But with those things behind me… He shook his head. There is no way I can create an illusion.
The shouts behind him seemed to dwindle, as the slippery shade was almost in range. It flickered in and out of the shadows down an old worn path heading straight for a cave.
You’re not getting away that easy! He pumped his weary legs, urging himself to catch up.
It slid into the cav
:iconleviastar237:LeviaStar237 2 6
Mufasa Meets Nala
Mufasa strode onto the savanna one summer morning. The rainy season had passed, but the grass was still wet with dew. He breathed in the morning air, taking in the scents of the earth, the plants and his animal subjects nearby. He strode with an air of magnificence unmatched by any other creature in his domain. All feared and loved him.
He stopped by the water hole and bent down for a drink. Hearing a sound to his right, his ear twitched toward it. Rising up, he licked any remaining water drops from his lips and turned toward the disturbance. The grass rustled and he saw a small face watching him. He smiled as the face disappeared in the grass. “What are you doing out here, Nala?” he asked.
The baby lioness crept from the grasses, ears and tail drooped back. “I wanted to see what you were doing,” she said, looking up with her nervous big blue eyes.
“A young one eager to seek out the king’s business,” Mufasa chuckled. “An honorable trait.&
:iconleviastar237:LeviaStar237 2 2
Jazzelle by LeviaStar237 Jazzelle :iconleviastar237:LeviaStar237 2 4 Hey, My Friend Is Haethin. Take It Slow... by LeviaStar237 Hey, My Friend Is Haethin. Take It Slow... :iconleviastar237:LeviaStar237 3 22 Kit The Kitsune by LeviaStar237 Kit The Kitsune :iconleviastar237:LeviaStar237 4 0 The Difference Is Night And Day by LeviaStar237 The Difference Is Night And Day :iconleviastar237:LeviaStar237 4 0 Friendly Doodle by LeviaStar237 Friendly Doodle :iconleviastar237:LeviaStar237 0 3 Fluffy Serpent Thing by LeviaStar237 Fluffy Serpent Thing :iconleviastar237:LeviaStar237 0 2 Oreo Truffle Thief by LeviaStar237 Oreo Truffle Thief :iconleviastar237:LeviaStar237 0 22


Braiding Tutorial Reference by CGCookie Braiding Tutorial Reference :iconcgcookie:CGCookie 17,639 245
Undertale: Reason to Live Chapter 44
Sans teleported home as quickly as he did because he did not want Alphys to see him as distressed as he felt.
He sat down on the couch and let a few tears fall. Now, Sans had another reason to hate his father just when he finally thought that part of his life could be put to some good use…
Sans paused when he heard a noise coming from the upstairs bathroom. It sounded like singing, but it was so quiet you almost couldn't hear it. Sans could just make out the words.
"It's summertime and the livin' is easy…"
Sans got up and slowly began climbing the stairs.
"Fish are jumpin' and the cotton is high…"
Sans figured out the noise was coming from the secret bathroom.
"Oh, your daddy's rich and your mom is good-lookin', so hush little baby, don't you cry…"
Sans walked over to the bathroom and adjusted the picture to open the door, but he didn't barge in right away. He looked in through the crack to see Frisk with towels wrapped around his waist and his shoulder and the
:iconingodzhandz:InGodzHandz 4 3
Jin by Maximum993 Jin :iconmaximum993:Maximum993 21 7 Todd Orion by Maximum993 Todd Orion :iconmaximum993:Maximum993 32 25 Todd Illustration practice by Maximum993 Todd Illustration practice :iconmaximum993:Maximum993 54 41 Art Vs Hero 2018 by NakaseArt Art Vs Hero 2018 :iconnakaseart:NakaseArt 14 2
Undertale: Reason to Live Chapter 11
Papyrus cleaned up the mess and ordered pizza.  Undyne came back a few hours later feeling especially inebriated.  After a drunk conversation with Papyrus, she collapsed on the couch.  
Sans barely left Frisk’s side.  He had Papyrus bring him pizza and soda.  When Sans was done with that and Papyrus came back to get the trash, he asked him to go out and get him something extra for the kid.
“Here, you go, Sans,” Papyrus said quietly as he walked through the door to Sans’ room.  “Here’s a nutritious smoothie I didn’t make myself.”
“Thanks, Pap,” Sans said taking the drink and putting it on the floor next to his bed.  “That should help him.  How’s Undyne?”
“She’s still sleeping on the couch.  She said something about feeling hungover.”
“So much for relying on her support.”
The two brothers looked at Frisk who was now sleeping on his side
:iconingodzhandz:InGodzHandz 4 7
Rita by AlexVanArsdale Rita :iconalexvanarsdale:AlexVanArsdale 27 28 Early Spring by WingedWarTigers Early Spring :iconwingedwartigers:WingedWarTigers 10 19 The mountian's king by SaynaSLuke The mountian's king :iconsaynasluke:SaynaSLuke 7 9 The Founders by HeatherRoseIV The Founders :iconheatherroseiv:HeatherRoseIV 5 11 Arashu by HeatherRoseIV Arashu :iconheatherroseiv:HeatherRoseIV 3 9 A princess and her prince by SaynaSLuke A princess and her prince :iconsaynasluke:SaynaSLuke 6 11 Monster Dude by Corzev Monster Dude :iconcorzev:Corzev 9 5 What I am by Eclipsedwolf What I am :iconeclipsedwolf:Eclipsedwolf 48 26 Free Wolf::fox Lineart by Eclipsedwolf Free Wolf::fox Lineart :iconeclipsedwolf:Eclipsedwolf 604 61



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United States
Hello, there! :squee: Welcome to my page!
I never know what to do on these things. XD

First of all, I'm a Bible believing Christian and I love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with all my heart! :D

I love to write stories or draw pictures with meaning. I'm not very consistent with posting them yet, but I am working on developing several stories even if they aren't reaching my deviation feed very often.

I am happy to chat with you about most subjects, but I won't guarantee I'm an expert in those areas. XD

I love to talk about stories and if you have one or are writing one, I would love to help you make it better. :)

I love creatures and crossovers. If there's a blend of creatures in one or a mix of two or more storyworlds interacting with each other, it's just too fun! :happybounce:

Please Comment! I L:heart:ve your feedback! :meow:
If you do comment or message me, I will try to reply. :D

Thank you for visiting my page! :lol:
May God bless you and keep you as you journey with Him this day. :)

Life verse: "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." ~ Jeremiah 29:11 <3
Copied from DiamondFusion

Everyone's characters have a special place in their heart, but exactly what place do your top 10 favorite OC's take up? Fill out the places below, and then explain why you chose them, if you you feel like it!
Don't have 10 characters? Go for as many as you have!

Okay, I don't have sketches of all these characters, but I will try to describe them until I do. ;)

1. Your Fursona/Persona!
Your character that represents you!
Levia 1 by LeviaStar237 Levia 2 by LeviaStar237

Levia is my Fursona and, like so many creatures that I love, she is a "mixed breed"! :D She has a snow leopard body and fur, tiger ears, cheetah tear tracks and a rainbow of colors! :meow: She's fun-loving, adventure-seeking and wants to sink her claws into God's word in order to discover what treasures are to be found. She's like a symbolic representation of my "go get 'em" personality and how I can get really passionate and hyped up about certain things.
I have a couple other "fur/feather-sonas", but they haven't made a debut on my page yet. :giggle: Hopefully they are not far in coming.

2. Your 'Guardian Angel'
You protect yourself through them, vent through them etc, they keep you strong.
You probably have a deep emotional connection with this character.

Hmm... As far as "vent art" goes, I don't do that very much. *shrugs* Occasionally I do, but the character I use can be different every time. As far as recently... I have used a wolf character named Jackie to talk things out with God about my misgivings about something, but that wasn't really a drawing... I guess the most commonly used character would be Levia but haven't posted any of that art on here. :shrug:

3. Your Sunshine!
A character that never fails to make you smile. Maybe they have bright colors.
or maybe they are very cute. A character who's your own personal sun.
Markus for LeviaStar237 by TheMeekWarrior
The creator of this image and the owner of his species design is TheMeekWarrior! :happybounce:

MARKUS! The X3 emoticon My fluffy baby whom I adore with all my heart! :heart: He's my lovable goofball who will trip over his own feet in his excitement. When I'm having a bad day sometimes just looking at a picture of Markus and imagining him scrambling about my room makes me smile and lightens my day. :love: He's like a hyperactive puppy and will do anything to please you if it's in his power. :giggle:

4. The Odd One
The odd ball character you're not sure why you have, but you treasure them deeply. Perhaps because they're just so weird?

Happy Birthday, Meek! =D [Colored] by LeviaStar237 Markus Playing With Slacome :} by LeviaStar237
The "dog" on the far-right.                 The "dog" on the left.

This one I may have to say would be Slacome. He's a dog with sabre-teeth, a long patch of fur over his eyes, feathery ears, a living pattern of fire on his fur and a plume of flame off the tip of his tail. :meow: He's calm and thoughtful and Markus' best friend. :love: I want to write them in a story together [and I have an idea Hmm. Evil plotting in progress.] but I just can't quite work out the kinks yet. Someday... Someday maybe. ^^ :heart:

5. Sentimental Value
Okay, now who has the most sentimental value? Maybe a character you received from a friend, or who you have fond memories of. Perhaps they're very old?
Your Dragon Breathe Fire? by LeviaStar237 Life After The Fall by LeviaStar237
The girl on the left with her dragon. :love:                The girl riding the same dinosaur from the last picture. ;)

This one may have to be my novel character Adelaide. I don't draw her very much (because I'm not proud of my human-drawing skills :P AND) because I'm focusing more on developing her character and story-world more so than on how to draw her. But she is my sweet "Celtic princess" who wants to do what's right and help her people -- and maybe even her enemies if it came down to it. :o She has a sweet soul, but also a sassy attitude if she knows you well enough. :XD: Otherwise, she'll be careful not to hurt your feelings. She just wants to be friends. :)

6. The fancy one!
Your flashiest character! Probably the prettiest one or the one with the most fancy design.

Hmm... Not sure about this one...  I have a creature-character in mind, but I don't really have a sketch of him yet. ... Well. I do have a sketch of him... but he's not colored (which is where most of his flashiness comes from :nod:) and hardly developed at all. ^^; Anyway, his name is Skylar and he's a black and neon-blue patterned cat. He resembles more of a cheetah in his design, but his spot-patterns do not line up with that species. :D

7. The rare one!
'The rarity' How about a character you're so surprised you actually managed to get. You probably won't be letting go of them anytime soon!

See Markus! :love: 

Also, I have this other creature-character named Rakion who, in short, is a majestic black wolf with dragon wings. Is he good? Is he bad? Who knows. It's up to him to decide. ;P He's a rarity because my sister designed him. :giggle: She loves him to pieces but is willing to let me write him into a story some day. :)

8. Weird Attachment

Not really sure here... I have some charries that I don't really know what to do with them, but they're also underdeveloped. :shrug: As far as a "weird attachment" goes... Maybe Aryu.
Aryu by LeviaStar237
I saw him in a dream a while back (several years at least) and in the dream I got the vibe/understanding that he was a master fighter and a champion. I sketched him out (which I was and still am very proud of considering my drawing skills at the time :D) and when I finally colored him I realized something. I was into Pokemon at the time and one of my favorites was Ninetails, a pale wolf-like creature with red eyes and 9 tails [like the name says ;P]. Aryu basically has the same coloration as Ninetails and had a fairly similar design to it. I felt bad that I dreamed up a character that was actually an anthro-version of a "preexisting character". I may use him; I may not. But I still like him and his expert fightery skills. :)

9. The Fandom character
Jazzelle by LeviaStar237  Jazzelle by LeviaStar237

This one would have to be Jazzelle! :happybounce: I've pondered many a fan-fic, but none of those stories ever made it to paper as I simply daydreamed and there they remain. However, Jazz's story just seemed to POP! into existence and just charged on down the road! XD I'm still developing WRITING her story but I hope to be sharing it with y'all soon! ^^;
Now, BACK TO JAZZ! She's my shy anxious "monster kid" who wants to live freely, but is so scared of being "found out" (thanks to the help of her ptsd-type symptoms) that she's not sure how to live that way if given the opportunity. She's a struggling girl but wants to make her Daddy proud. :happycry:

10. The newbie

Um... Which ones? :XD: I haven't drawn any of them, but I've been developing new characters from Adelaide's story if that's any consolation. Heh heh...
Other than that there is Kit.
Kit The Kitsune by LeviaStar237

Kit is a Kitsune with fiery abilities but I don't know much else about her yet. Perhaps she'll find her way into a story I'm already working on. :giggle: We'll see. ;)

Thanks for reading through this, guys! :D
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Amateur digital artist question: How does one go about making a "Doodle Dump"? :confused: 

Lord, help me to wake up and live in your dimension and perception of the world and stop thinking that it's all up to me whether I win or lose. You've already WON and I just need to wake up and live in this realm of Freedom and Eternal Life. :D

*is realizing how she avoids opportunities because of hidden fears* Dern it.

One of my favorite songs for style/sound/theme, fantasy elements and sense of adventure and discovery!

Btw, I've started writing my rough draft for JazzelleTale! :dummy: :happybounce: :squee:
Once I've made more progress and starightened out the plot holes I will hopefully be sharing them with you soon! :D


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It's one of my favorites, too.  I love seeing Sans and Frisk reconcile.  It's so sweet!
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I know! :heart: There's not enough art (story or image) of that. :D
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